Types of Shows

Eric Citron has been entertaining people for more than 3 decades. He has performed his unique brand of comedy, magic and mind reading all across the country for tens of thousands of people.

Eric has performed for “A” list celebrities, politicians and sports stars including:

General Collin Powel. Christopher Reeves, Mohamed Ali, Dick Cavett, Bobby Valentine, Raji Davis, Jennie Finch, Kevin Long, Barry Bonds, Richard Gere, Eddie Money, Billy Joel, Paul Newman, Rosie O’Donnell, Senator Al DiMato, Bonnie Rait, Denzel Washington, Emeril, John C Reily, William Hurt and many more!

Eric has designed and built effects for some of magic’s biggest stars and has consulted for Radio, Tv, Broadway and Motion Pictures.

Eric Citron’s signature show piece is The Totally Mental Show. The show is a non-stop exploration into the inner workings of the audience’s minds. The show combines comedy, magic, and mind blowing effects throughout the performance. Eric’s show is totally interactive and involves all the members of the audience. Once the show is over, audience members will leave smiling and scratching their heads.

Whether it’s picking the winning lottery numbers or predicting your dream vacation, Eric’s show has something for everyone.

For more info call: 631-495-0473

Types of Shows

If you’re looking for something a little different for

your next party or event….

“The Totally Mental Show” May be just what the doctor ordered!!

Eric Citron’s Totally Mental Show is a 50 min. full audience interactive show.

The show combines Comedy, Magic and Mind Reading that will leave your guests scratching their heads and smiling at the same time. The show is appropriate for ages 12 and up. There is no off-color language and is a family-friendly show. The show explores many different topics and the audience is involved every step of the way.

Eric has performed this show from coast-coast for tens of thousands of people with GREAT success for over 3 decades. So whatever your next event or special occasion might be, why not try something different and BOOK the Totally Mental Show.

Strolling Magic/Mind Reading: Eric will mingle with your guests in an informal setting and “Blow” their minds with up-close mind reading and magic designed for small group interactions.

This type of performing is perfect for cocktail hrs, office parties, weddings, special events and more.

For more info call: 631-495-0473